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World’s largest ATR-based methanol plant now operational

Danish catalysis company Haldor Topsoe has opened the world’s only natural gas-to-gasoline complex in Turkmenistan.

The complex features the world’s largest methanol plant based on autothermal reforming, using Topsoe’s SynCORMethanol™ Solution, with a methanol production capacity of 5225 metric tonnes per day.

In the Turkmen gas-to-gasoline complex, the SynCORMethanol™ solution has been combined with a gasoline synthesis loop to produce synthetic gasoline, called SynCORTIGAS™.

SynCOR™ is a popular technology for the production of synthesis gas in world-scale projects due to its ability to maximise single-line capacity, while significantly reducing capital as well as operating costs.

The SynCOR™ technology also leaves a smaller CO2 footprint and lower water consumption compared to traditional licensed technologies.

When combined with a Topsoe methanol synthesis loop, the result is SynCORMethanol™, the most cost-efficient large-scale methanol technology in industrial operation today.

Over the last two years Topsoe has signed five license agreement of similar capacity based on the SynCOR™ technology, all of which are in various stages of development.

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