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As far as we know that Ningbo Fuhua (SIAN brand valve) is attending the Hannover International Fire Exhibition in Germany from 20th to 25th, June, which is the largest trade fair in the world for firefighting, rescue service, civil protection and safety & security. During this week, we will connect with colleagues onsite in the Hannover International Convention and Exhibition Center in Germany to together witness the global fire safety exhibition – INTERSCHUTZ held every five years.


INTERSCHUTZ provides not only a first-class information channel for security experts, leaders and engineers, but also an ideal display platform for security and safety equipment suppliers. 51 countries around the world are attracted to participate in the exhibition, among which 51% of the exhibitors come from outside of Germany, 56 countries come as visitors, which the number has reached 157,000 and 26,000 of them are from outside of Germany, the success of INTERSCHUTZ once more proved its dominant position in the industry.


Under such raging epidemic situation, SIAN has not given up the opportunity to integrate with internationalization. As one of the few Chinese companies among many exhibitors who finally participates in the show against all difficulties in the special period, SIAN has demonstrated the charm of “Made in China” in Germany right now.


In order to attend this exhibition, SIAN has started its overall arrangement since 2018, and cooperated with the well-known European exhibition design company to complete the construction of its booth.


You can see that SIAN people all perform in a natural, graceful and friendly way when meeting with the foreign visitors, they talk freely with each other and fluently introduce SIAN products to those foreign friends.



Apart from the SIAN people onsite, there are also additional offsite connections arranged in Fuhua factory to communicate with visitors in Germany via video, which helps them further understand SIAN.





The INTERSCHUTZ exhibition has been booming through customer interviews and direct interactions, which is a global platform and provides a great opportunity for thousands of people to get information, exchange experiences and make connections. SIAN now is using such a platform to interact with exhibitors from all over the world and hoping to create new achievements in future!



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