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SiAN New Industrial gas valves devices debut at IG China 2020

Ningbo Fuhua Valve Co.,Ltd the Chinese leading manufacturer Giant of cylinder valves based in Zhejiang province has presented at IG China 2020,  the 22nd China international Exhibition on Gases Technology, Equipment and Application together with SiAN Corportation,  its  subsidiary Hangzhou Branch at International Expo Center, Zhejiang Province, China on September 22- 23 2020. The fair focuses on the growth of industrial gases and off-line technical exchanges. It represents an important market for industrial gases and is a meeting of gases professionals in China and throughout Asia.
The industry of gases seems to be the first group of pioneers to overcome difficulties and regain the prosperity in the global shadow of COVID-19.

Richard Zhang, Deputy Managing Director of Fuhua , Mr.Liang Jinli and Mr.Shen Yang of the domestic sales department have fruitful meetings and negotiations with new and old customers and friends at this exhibition.

The sales staff of the International sales department, headed by Executive Vice President & international sales Director of Sian Robinson Luo, also meet SIAN's customer partners, and communicate with international customers online, moved SIAN products from offline to online, and achieve good publicity results.
Contributed to our advanced technology and precision, SiAN offers a range of some kinds of industrial gases valves such as Argon valves, oxygen valves, Helium valves, Ammonia valves, Carbon Dioxide valves, Nitrogen valves, etc. Whether the arrestor is placed just after the gas cylinder where the pressure is higher or further in the gas network distribution pipelines where the pressure is lower, SiAN’s range covers all applications.

Richard Zhang, Deputy Managing Director of Fuhua Valve on behalf of Fuhua hosts an exclusive global launch event and presents to the world wide customers It’s new Industrial valves manufactured in Epoch-making design, brand new automated production line, Richard Zhang says It’s the first time SiAN New Industrial Vavles shown off at IG 2020 , Richard Zhang Expressed its determination to expand to the world market, and says that in the second quarter, Fuhua Group's entire business increased by 15% year-on-year compared to the same period last year. Fuhua is very confident that it’s businesses will not be affected by the covid-19 epidemic in 2020 and will increase by 10% in overall sales revenues .

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